The loadbee story

Christian Junker | Managing Director | CEO

About loadbee

“Is the weight bench too big for my study?” – Christian Junker found no answer on the product detail page in the online shop. That was the birth of loadbee. Ordering, setting up, finding out that the training device needed too much space – much too cumbersome. So Junker had to drive to a stationary dealer with a measuring tape – a long way.

“The fact that customers cancel a purchase due to a lack of product information cannot be in the interest of the brand manufacturer and the online retailer”, Junker realized after the annoyance about the long drive and the measurement at the sports shop had subsided. A solution was needed: Hands: on. Solution competence: on. Skills: on. loadbee: online.

loadbee today

Today, CEO Christian Junker and Managing Director Klaus Wartlik lead loadbee to success – together with more than 40 employees, an advisory board of experienced business and IT coriphers and a strong partner network.

With loadbee, more than 300 brand manufacturers reach over one million customers every day on the product detail pages of more than 1,800 online shops. In this way, the brand manufacturers supplement the product information of the online retailers across industries in more than 40 countries. Comparative tests have shown that using loadbee generates 25 percent more sales.

loadbee GmbH was founded in February 2013 and is a technology company headquartered in Echterdingen, right by the Stuttgart Airport in Germany. The core product of the loadbee product family is the cloud-based IT platform for content syndication of the same name. This platform takes product information that is crucial for making purchasing decisions and distributes it across all channels, to any point of sale and to any digital terminal device.

loadbee’s products are used around the world and are designed and programmed in Germany. We work closely with industry and retail to ensure the most efficient application of products for our customers on the market.

We are driven by the idea that every customer should be provided with top-quality, up-to-date production information at every point in making their purchasing decision. Negative purchasing experiences due to lacking product information are a thing of the past.

This situation is a win-win-win for brands,
retailers and end customers

Giving the end customer as much support as possible – even after the transaction: this is what loadbee offers.
The brick-and-mortar store is open 24 hours. The operating manual for a coffee maker is just one smartphone scan away.
Check out the video to see what advantages loadbee provides.