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Revenue up – effort down: Take your e-commerce to a new level with loadbee. Automatically and continuously deploy high-quality product content as a brand manufacturer in shops. Showcase your product detail pages more attractively and with stronger sales power as an online retailer. Everything is simple. Everything with loadbee.

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loadbee for brands and shops

loadbee briefly introduced

A small tool with a significant impact

A small code on the product detail pages of the stores and a platform for the product information of the brand manufacturers are all you need to distribute or receive premium content digitally and automatically. Your sales get additionally boosted, and essential resources such as personnel and time are saved.

The software for a great buying experience

Our product is our cloud-based software solution, loadbee. With the optimal distribution of sales-driving product information, we complete a unique and excellent buying experience. We provide premium content from brand manufacturers to certified retail partners on all digital end devices.

The highlight of every customer journey

loadbee convinces with all sales-driving information of the brand manufacturers on the product detail pages of the online stores. Brand original content converts visitors into long-term, happy customers through facts, emotions, and brand feelings.

Sell reliably and quickly

The loadbee platform provides your end customers with all the information they need to purchase when they decide to buy. The loadbee platform provides your end customers with all the information they need to decide to purchase.

loadbee for brands and shops

What else you should know about loadbee

Make a difference with new standards

If you operate e-commerce, you should only do it with digital tools. Our software solution makes it easier to provide premium content with a small investment and boosts your sales. Set new standards with us and show your customers the difference.

1.2 billion customer inquiries per month

With over ten years of experience and an impressive 1.2 billion end-user requests per month, we are your trusted partner with innovative solutions and outstanding service.

A global network for all industries - that's loadbee

As a German company with a worldwide network for all sectors, we are your reliable partner for premium content syndication.

High performance and data security

The loadbee platform distributes the premium content of brand manufacturers in milliseconds to the product detail pages of the stores. loadbee attaches great importance to data protection, security, and transparency, so your data is entirely DSGVO compliant.

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If you want more information about loadbee or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The loadbee network
the loadbee network

Take advantage from our network

Our premium content software has already established itself in over 70 countries with over 4,000 retailers and 400 well-known brand manufacturers and continues growing. The loadbee network includes a wide range of premium content from different brands for retailers and stores. Learn to appreciate the quality and become a part of it.

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Strengthen your business and rely on satisfied, returning customers through our global and growing network, and save yourself time and money in the long run.

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