The "loadbee effect"

Your look & feel on all end devices and sales channels

The "loadbee effect"

Content syndication for manufacturers.
As a brand manufacturer, you have comprehensive product information including videos, downloadable documents,
comparison tables and much more. Unfortunately, this information often does not reach your customers at the
touch points of your trade partners. With loadbee, you can now provide direct and precise support for the product display in
your trade partner's store. At the same time, you get important market insights that you can use to optimize your strategy.

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Your advantages with loadbee

Uniform brand communication

With loadbee, you retain control over the brand communication. Our platform enables you to distribute your own uniform product and brand information through all online and offline channels, anywhere in the world! This is a proactive way for you to help your connected trade partners close sales.
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Market Insights

You'll learn more about your market. You'll benefit from invaluable market insight, allowing you to tweak your strategy to increase your market prospects. Work together with loadbee to improve the customer journey.
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Increasing sales

Comprehensive product information has verifiable positive effects on your conversion rate. Market insights support you in making decisions regarding your sales strategy..

Customer loyalty

You can help your customers make purchasing decisions by providing them with comprehensive information at any touchpoint. Customers with the best information have better shopping experiences. You increase customer satisfaction while gaining customer loyalty for your brand.
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