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Advantages for retailers

We have already measured conversion rate uplifts of up to 25 percent in connected retail stores. Check out what our platform users like BSH, Miele and Garmin have to say. You can find more testimonials in our references. If you need more information, feel free to contact our retail management.
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The return rate decreases. An example from practice: If all information is there, customers send fewer shoes back because the shoes they ordered fit them. How does this work? The comprehensive product information includes size tables that your customers can use to determine their shoe size before making an online purchase.
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Integrate original data, videos, images, upselling matrices and much more. This prevents the end customer from having to leave your shop to switch to another platform. As a result, you and your brand generate more revenue. What else could you want?
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Advantages for manufacturers

You'll have a uniform presence across all end devices, increasing your brand image and the level of confidence your end customers have in you. The great thing about loadbee: You only need to update your information once and all retailers will immediately have your new videos, images, logos and much more. Why wait? Help your retailers generate more revenue for you.
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We transfer your data to retailers in real time. This helps you and connected retailers to share content with customers, like the logos for your products that were judged as the best. The retailer is informed right away, so there won't be any false product data floating around the Internet. Get it touch with us for a no-obligation consultation. You can find more information on the manufacturer site.

The loadbee platform helps manufacturers launch their products more quickly and easily. This allows them to generate revenue more quickly and efficiently. How does it work? We'll gladly help to give your sales a quick boost. Request information now

Advantages for customers

The loadbee platform provides end customers with comprehensive product data at any touch point, keeping them as well-informed as possible when they make their purchasing decisions. Furthermore, comprehensive product information minimizes bad purchase rates. The shopping experience remains positive because returns are minimized. This increases customer loyalty.

The advantage of using loadbee doesn't stop after the purchase is made. Even after the purchase, we continue to support the customer and their product. The product information can be attached directly to the product using technologies like NFC or QR. That way, the operating instructions or other product-related data can be called up at any time.

A positive shopping experience before, during and after the purchase: That's why we created the loadbee platform. Missing product data, unnecessary research and returns are a thing of the past. How does it work? Request informational material today or get in touch with us.

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More completed sales with loadbee - How does it work?

Product information makes all the difference!

Our A/B tests have confirmed this.
How does the product information make it to any desired sales channel? Through the loadbee platform,
which acts as the bridge between industry & trade - in real time, from any location & in any language.

loadbee explained simply

Giving the end customer as much support as possible - even after the transaction:
The benefit of loadbee is explained simply in the video. You have great products and wonderful product information.
Don't make your customers wait any longer for them. loadbee distributes the information to any channel.
The best set-up for you is an omni-channel presence.

What our customers say

Generate more sales today using the loadbee platform.

Let's get started together!