loadbee - THE content syndicator

loadbee GmbH...

...was founded in February 2013 and is a technology company headquartered in Echterdingen, right by the Stuttgart Airport in Germany. The core product of the loadbee product family is the cloud-based IT platform for content syndication of the same name. This platform takes product information that is crucial for making purchasing decisions and distributes it across all channels, to any point of sale and to any digital terminal device.

loadbee's products are used around the world and are designed and programmed in Germany. We work closely with industry and retail to ensure the most efficient application of products for our customers on the market.

We are driven by the idea that every customer should be provided with top-quality, up-to-date production information at every point in making their purchasing decision. Negative purchasing experiences due to lacking product information are a thing of the past.

This situation is a win-win-win for brands,
retailers and end customers

Giving the end customer as much support as possible - even after the transaction: this is what loadbee offers.
The brick-and-mortar store is open 24 hours. The operating manual for a coffee maker is just one smartphone scan away.
Check out the video to see what advantages loadbee provides.