At the Cheil agency, Rhea Holzer is responsible for the e-commerce presence for various clients. Cheil uses the loadbee platform to display their product marketing content on product detail pages of retail partner stores. There, Holzer and her team manage the product content centrally and in real time for all retail partners. This simplifies cross-retailer and daily campaigns as well as content adjustments during product launches and revisions. In this interview, Rhea Holzer, Senior Account Manager and Team Lead eRetail, provides insights into e-Retail Performance Management with loadbee.

Rhea, what goals do you pursue for your clients with their product content?

R.H.: The product range of our clients is extensive and the products are available in several equipment variants for different applications. That’s why we have to help our clients’ online customers find the right product for their requirements. To do this, we use product marketing content. It conveys information and emotion in equal measure. We want shoppers to feel understood and to understand the products. We want to appeal to them and make them find the products appealing. That’s why we not only provide all the relevant information at all touchpoints, but also target-group-specific product content for a shopping experience with the corresponding product experience and branding.

Many of your clients act globally and expect product presentation to be adjusted immediately across all retailers for product launches and revisions. How do you keep up the high pace of product content updates?

In order to adapt the global product launches to the local market in Germany, we implement the product contents in stages with loadbee. This means that as soon as we receive new or adapted media content, we import it into loadbee. Then the content appears immediately on the product detail pages of our retail partners – for example at OTTO.


How do loadbee content syndications help you inform online customers about product revisions?

When there are product updates, we want to provide our customers with the updated content at all retailers as quickly as possible. With content syndications via the loadbee platform, we can do this in real time.

How did you turn the product detail pages of your client’s retail partners into a touchpoint for daily campaigns?

In campaigns, our clients offer special deals. One customer learns about such a campaign on a social network, for example, while another one sees it on a billboard. To ensure that both find their way around the online shop and recognize the offer, we ensure on the loadbee platform that the product content of the campaign is also visible on the product detail pages. This means that online customers can also find their way around our clients’ current range of products.

Speaking of campaigns: Market insights are of course essential. You use loadbee’s reporting – how does that benefit you?

Retailers don’t usually share traffic data with us. However, it is important for us to see which products perform well and also whether campaigns have a positive effect – after all, we want to get the most out of the campaigns for our clients. Through loadbee reporting, we have identified the impact of certain product placements in the online store and which product segments are clicked on how often at which retailers. We draw conclusions from this. We use these conclusions to evaluate our strategies and adjust them if necessary. In the end, the more we know about the behavior of online customers, the better we can respond strategically to their needs and support them in their shopping.

Thanks for these insights and continued success!

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