Tables with black characters on a white background, a few images – customers in B2B commerce have little pleasure when shopping online. Unless, that is, they shop products from Hekatron. Because the manufacturer of fire protection technology places a lot of emphasis on clarity, topicality, branding and the wow effect in its content production and, in addition to traditional in-store sales, is driving digitization forward significantly! Thomas Deutscher, Sales Manager Trade & Manufacturer, talks about how Hekatron brings color into the gray B2B trade.

Ms. Juretko, what functions must product content perform for GEBO?

Content informs our users about our products. It is also another support and contact point for the GEBO brand for our customers. We always want to provide the best service to our customers. That’s why we provide high-quality information on the relevant channels. 

GEBO has created its product content in the corporate design throughout – why?

We have carefully revised our brand communication – including our corporate design – in recent months. Our design catches the eye with clear lines, a new design language, a tidy design and characteristic colors.

Our product content is uniform and CI-compliant. This reinforces the brand presence and our customers recognize our brand across all communication channels. They know at all times that the content and the product offered by the online retailer is actually from GEBO. So you can say: The product content in the GEBO branding protects the customers from plagiarism and deception and also simply looks much more appealing.

What do you focus on when structuring your product content?

We always want to offer our customers added value. That’s why we create our content in a clear and user-friendly way so that customers can easily find their way around. Particularly in the online sector, too much information overwhelms customers and confuses them when making a purchase decision. That’s why we focus on short, informative texts with appropriate images. We also organize the information in a sensible way and structure the descriptions so that online customers can find information easily.

What makes the difference in GEBO images?

Our product images not only show the application, but also allow customers to identify with the people in the pictures. We always show an authentic application that is not shot in a studio, but directly on the construction site – in other words, where our customers actually use the GEBO products.

Here you can see the product content that gebo has created in its own layout and branding for the gebooriginal malleable cast iron KLV on the loadbee platform.
Exactly in this layout and design, the product content for the gebooriginal malleable cast iron KLV appears on product detail pages of the gebo trading partners.

Why are installation instructions important in GEBO’s product content?

Time is money – this is especially true in the trade. The longer I have to spend installing a product as an installer, the more time – and therefore money – is lost. In our product content, we add installation instructions with matching pictures to some products. This way the customer can see how easy and time-saving our products are to use.

Why do you use loadbee for product content distribution?

We now use loadbee for our entire German portfolio and have already created extensive content for each of our product groups. This way we can present product content across all merchants and ensure that all our online merchants can provide their customers with the same, correct, and therefore up-to-date content. The effort and control of the store pages on which our dealers offer our products has been minimized by loadbee. Likewise, we can support our dealers by offering them a way to quickly and easily place our content on their site.

Especially the minimized maintenance effort and the increased brand presence through the additional content in customer stores are a PRO argument for loadbee for us. We have found an optimal solution to always present the right content online and to be able to reach all retail partners via a single platform. The time-consuming individual communication is thus spared not only for us but also for our retailers and we can use our resources on both sides more efficiently.


How do your trading partners and customers react to GEBO using loadbee?

So far we get the biggest feedback about the reportings of loadbee. After only a few days of using loadbee, more and more online retailers joined us, who want to take advantage of it and see our additional content as a benefit and sales promotion.

End customers are also taking to the new solution very well – we have found this out through isolated inquiries.

Thank you very much, Ms. Juretko!

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