In order to make the best possible purchase decision online, end customers demand fully comprehensive information on the product of their choice – a requirement that retailers and manufacturers have not always been able to meet in the past. brennenstuhl® is valued and sold internationally. In order to provide customers with the best possible advice, regardless of their native languages, brennenstuhl® makes its product content available in several language versions via the loadbee platform.

Marc Bauer

Marc Bauer

Head of Digital Business at Brennenstuhl

“Unfortunately, product information is not always consistent and the quality can vary greatly from shop to shop. With loadbee, however, we are able to provide customers with valuable manufacturer content quickly and easily on the most diverse channels and end devices.

loadbee itself is an advantage for us as a brand or as a manufacturer in order to present our content correctly and, above all, completely. Product information is thus delivered directly from the manufacturer in the corresponding corporate design.

This way we can ensure that our customers are provided with the highest quality content directly from the manufacturer and that our products are optimally described in the shops in order to optimise the customer experience. A clear win-win-win situation for brand, retailer and end consumer”.

brennenstuhl® can offer its marketing materials via the loadbee platform across retailers and industries. This demonstrably increases the sales rate in the online shop by up to 25% and reduces the bounce rate from the online shop. Because if end customers perceive the product information as “directly from the manufacturer”, they are less likely to search the internet for further information.

loadbee injects product content in the layout and design of Brennenstuhl into the product detail pages of retailers’ online shops – for example, wherever online retailers with loadbee add-on sell this camping cable drum:

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