Skullcandy brings an extraordinary sound experience to its customers’ ears and also outrages in terms of product presentation in e-commerce. Skullcandy uses the loadbee platform to inject its ready-to-use product content directly into the product detail pages of its retail partners’ online shops – and rightly so, because Skullcandy’s product content is a real thumbstopper!


Skullcandy’s product content: a thumbstopper with a modern design

How do you let someone feel the sound of headphones without putting the audio device directly on their ears?
Skullcandy gives an example: With its product content, the electronics manufacturer lets online shoppers feel the energy, sounds and lifestyle of the Crusher Evo.

E-commerce content by Skullcandy lets you feel full sound and an intense attitude to life

In a modern and tidy design, Skullcandy shows pictures of young people listening to music or podcasts. One glance at the modern graphics lets the viewer feel the world that builds up when people find refuge in their own personal spheres of sound in the midst of everyday noise. It is as if the product content lets you experience how the intrusive telephone calls of the other train passengers disappear as soon as the soft cushions of the headphones are placed on your ears.

Emotion and information

Emotion predominates in Skullcandy’s product content. At the same time, the online shopper receives all relevant information about the sound miracle from Skullcandy as clear Quick Facts. The content conveys all relevant product information in a light and casual manner. Skullcandy doesn’t need any text blocks for this. They would only destroy the cleverly constructed feeling of a very personal sound experience anyway. With casually formulated quick facts and intuitively understandable pictograms, the product information reaches the online customer just as easily as his favourite song.

Skullcandy brings its product content to the shops of its retail partners via the loadbee platform.

The product presentation professionals at Skullcandy want to reach their customers everywhere with their product content. That’s why they have created it in their own layout and design on the loadbee platform. loadbee injects it into the online shops of their retail partners. There, the content syndicator places it directly on the product detail page so that online customers get an impression of the Skullcandy feeling while shopping.

You can see how loadbee injects Skullcandy’s product content into the MediaMarkt product detail page for the Crusher Evo by clicking on the  “Produktdetails von Skullcandy anzeigen”-Button.

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