Ecovacs injects the product content of its products into the online shops of its dealers via the loadbee platform. The example of the WINBOT X window cleaner shows how the product content of the brand manufacturer improves the shopping experience. We will guide you through this best practice example.

Check out Ecovacs’ product content and page flow here:


Informative, user-friendly and intuitive

Once the product detail page is loaded, Ecovacs presents its automatic window cleaner in an advanced animated video. That’s super innovative and extremely effective. The usability feels intuitive. Directly below the video, online customers can navigate to the product description, product comparison and files such as manual, data sheet, quick start guide and service information.

This way, customers quickly find their way around and find exactly the information they need.

Relevant product information

Scrolling down, you will find user-friendly structured photos, explanatory graphics and texts. A table lists the features and advantages of WINBOT X compared to its predecessor.

Emotional appeal

After a download section, the page closes with an emotional appeal: “Do more of what you love!”


Product Content from Ecovacs across all shops with loadbee add-on

With its product content, Ecovacs enriches all product pages on which retail partners with an active loadbee add-on sell the WINBOT X.

“Working with loadbee is a real win-win for everyone involved and helps my team to meet customers’ demands better,” says Melanie Franzus, Marketing Director EMEA at Ecovacs.

Are you curious? Check out how Ecovacs presents its WINBOT X at Euronics. At the top of the product page, Ecovacs’ retail partner Euronics presents some product information. Below, loadbee injects the product content in Ecovacs’ layout and design.

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