67 percent of all online shoppers abandon the shopping process, if there is a lack of product content. (Source: “Adobe Consumer Content Survey 2018”). Especially online, where no sales consultant can inform end customers, you need to be on top of your game. So, in short, the best possible product and brand presentation is crucial, and in order to ensure this together with its online retail partners, BenQ relies on the loadbee platform. This way, demonstrably more items end up in the shopping carts, creating a big smile on online retailer‘s faces.

“loadbee enables us to place relevant content in the shops of our online partners on a daily basis. It is important to us to offer all end customers high-quality content such as product videos, explanatory graphics on technologies or product comparison tables in order to provide the best possible information for the purchase decision. In addition, this service significantly minimises the data maintenance effort for both BenQ and our online partners,” explains Guido Forsthövel, Marketing Director DACH & Benelux at BenQ.

Free of charge for retailers: BenQ and its online partners use loadbee.com as a joint platform

To display the tech manufacturer’s product content – texts, videos, images and more – directly in the product detail pages, online retailers integrate a loadbee script into their online shop. Immediately, loadbee injects the finalised product content into the product detail pages in real time. As soon as BenQ publishes a change for a product, it is displayed directly. In order for retailers to benefit from BenQ content in the online shop, the company has created all product information for each individual product centrally on the loadbee platform. In doing so, BenQ creates a digital product profile from ready-layouted and sales-promoting product content in its own corporate image. Since loadbee is financed by the industry, the solution is completely free of charge for retailers.

A win-win for online partners and BenQ: the online retailer has less data maintenance effort and always the current and best possible product information in his shop and BenQ reaches the end customers in the look & feel of the brand. “If the content is marked as manufacturer information, end customers demonstrably leave the online shop less often to research the product further. This is a clear benefit for online shops. Because the probability of purchase increases,” explains loadbee’s PR Manager Carmen Renz.

Nearly 2.5 million product content displays – up to 25 percent more conversions

Together with its dealers, BenQ has reached end customers almost 2.5 million times at the moment of the purchase decision with fully comprehensive brand and product messages. A win-win for industry and retail.

“We have witnessed up to 25 percent higher conversions for consumer electronics. That means: if the product information goes into the retailer shop via us [loadbee], 12,500 products end up in the shopping basket, without our platform that number is down to 10,000,” explains Renz. There are several reasons for the increased sales: Customers demonstrably rate the brand’s product content as more credible. Furthermore, a fully informed end customer is less likely to leave the retailer’s shop to look for further product information on other sites, or vice versa: fully informed end customers are more likely to buy. A fact that is highly appreciated by retailers and brands alike.“

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