The uvex safety group successfully injects plug & play product descriptions, images and texts into the online shops of its retail partners via the loadbee platform. This way, customers understand that uvex products not only offer the best protection, but also the best ergonomics and the most pleasant wearing comfort. That’s how the uvex safety group is extending its motto of “protecting people” – even protecting customers from making the wrong purchase decision.

Fabian Flohr, Head of Digital Sales Channels at UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GMBH, talks about the PPE manufacturer’s product content strategy in an interview with loadbee.

Why does uvex necessarily need to explain online that uvex safety group products are different from others?

Flohr: While in direct sales, product features can be clarified live on site, in e-commerce there are significantly fewer opportunities and less time to win over customers.  

How can brands convince online customers of their products?

Very good product content is clearly the most important element in online retail – and also the most challenging one. Customers compare several products and manufacturers directly in the store. We want to present our products realistically and well. The challenge is to quickly convey the superiority and advantages in a nutshell, as we all know, meaningful product descriptions online are a major challenge. Optimal product presentations and explanations are indispensable and must be visible to our audience. Indeed, good product content also enables better conversion in the online store.

What do you offer the customer with your product content?

Our customers receive all relevant information about our products. We know a great deal about our products from product development and extensive certifications, and we prepare the customer-relevant information in a multimedia, meaningful and appealing way. So, in that sense, we describe everything that customers want to know – for example, usage options, protection and comfort features. We are also aiming for high-quality product photos with multiple views of the products. To do this, we create images that show both, the individual product in detail and the optimal interaction within the entire product range. Through images and text, we can concisely and comprehensibly convey that we are a competent system provider. We also supply information about awards, labels and certificates.

Why do you approach e-commerce with loadbee?

Through loadbee, we provide our dealers – and thus our customers – with up-to-date and customer-friendly product information. This saves our trading partners a lot of work. They only have to integrate the loadbee script into their store, to be able to show the multimedia-prepared product information for all our products on their product pages. With loadbee our dealers get free and fully automated access to our entire product content. We use loadbee internationally and place our content in different languages on the loadbee platform: Optimally prepared, brand conform and always up to date. And all this via just one single hub.




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