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Premium content with loadbee: easily increase your purchase completions

Strong product pages with minimal effort

Do you want to achieve more purchase completions through attractive and sales-driven product detail pages? Then you need one thing above all: high-quality and comprehensive product content. And you need it quickly and with as little effort as possible.

The solution: loadbee. Our platform automatically integrates the product content from brand manufacturers – images, videos, texts, and more – onto your product detail pages. And it’s completely free for you as a retailer. Join the 5,000 shops worldwide and register now.

Increase your purchase conversions

Automatically showcase high-quality and comprehensive product content directly from brand manufacturers. This captivates your customers at the moment of decision, boosting your purchase conversions by up to 25%.

Reduce your bounce rate

With loadbee, you can significantly decrease bounce rates. The attractive content from brands keeps visitors engaged on your website and guides them through a user-friendly and compelling customer journey. This transforms visitors into loyal customers.

Lower your return rate

With engaging, detailed product descriptions, and high-quality product images, your customers can form a precise understanding of the products. The result: satisfied customers and fewer returns.

Increase customer loyalty

Excite and convince your customers with high-quality brand product content. This enhances the likelihood that they will not only shop with you once but also in the future.

Stay one step ahead of others

Conventional content procurement is time-consuming. With the simple, digital loadbee solution, you are faster and more efficient. You can quickly showcase the latest premium brand content to your customers, staying one step ahead of the competition.

Tell the whole story

Premium content for increased conversions

  • Drastically simplify your content acquisition.
  • Automatically display premium content from brands.
  • Boost sales on product detail pages with minimal effort.
  • Increase your conversions – reduce bounce rates and returns.
  • Decide which brands can display their content on your platform.
Convince with the premium content of the brands

What premium content can include





Comparison Tables


Image Carousel



Product Descriptions

Quality Seals



Technical Information

User Manuals



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Here's how to easily access premium content from loadbee

Sign up in four simple steps

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  • Register

    Register your shop with loadbee.

  • Integrate loadbee code

    Choose where and in what size premium content should appear on your product detail page.

  • Activate content network

    Decide from which brands you want to receive premium content.

  • Receive reports

    Gain insights into the performance of your product detail pages through reports.

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What many want to know about loadbee


  • What is loadbee?
    loadbee is a renowned SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider for content syndication in e-commerce. Our platform automatically distributes high-quality brand and product content to the product detail pages of online shops. Through a small code on your online shop’s product detail pages and a platform for the brand manufacturer, the distribution of premium content becomes digital and automated. As a pioneer in this field loadbee has been successfully operating in the market for over ten years. Hundreds of large and smaller brands are among loadbee’s clients.
  • What is loadbee used for?
    loadbee allows you to display the sales-promoting premium content from brand manufacturers in your online store automatically. This enables you to convince your customers more quickly and comprehensively of your product range.
  • What are the benefits of loadbee?
    With loadbee, you significantly simplify your content procurement and provide your end customers with high-quality and comprehensive information that motivates them to make purchases. You save time and costs as your product pages are automatically populated, avoiding copy errors. At the same time, you can increase your sales figures, reduce bounce rates and returns, receive better reviews, and be more successful in the long run. You determine where and how the information is placed on your pages and can choose the brands whose content you want to display.
  • What are the costs for loadbee?
    For you as a retailer, the use of loadbee is free. In addition, with a retail media budget, there is the possibility of a monetary participation for the value of the premium content delivered to customers.
  • How does the integration and playout of premium content work?
    Using loadbee is simple and straightforward for you. No technical knowledge is required. You just need to integrate a small code snippet into your shop system. Furthermore, the functionality of all common shop systems remains unchanged, and the speed remains unaffected.
  • How much space does the premium content window occupy on my product detail pages?
    You can customize the size of the displayed content window to meet the requirements of your online store. The length of the window varies depending on the extent of the content provided by brand manufacturers. If the content is more extensive, you can use a “Show more” button so that your shop visitors can expand the window.
  • Does loadbee have an impact on my search engine ranking?
    When you use loadbee, no duplicate content arises on your pages, as the data is not physically integrated. Thus, a neutral integration takes place that does not impact your paid search engine strategy and does not affect your position, for example, in Google rankings.
  • What happens to my e-shop if I want to stop using loadbee in the future?
    Disabling loadbee is just as easy and effortless as implementation. You simply delete the embedding code, and your shop returns to its original state.
  • Is loadbee GDPR compliant?
    For loadbee, strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is of the utmost importance. We are committed to ensuring the highest standard of data protection, applying equally to our customers and our employees. Detailed information can be found in our current privacy policy. Our priority lies in security, transparency, and confidentiality
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