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loadbee’s network includes a diverse selection of brands and stores of all sizes and sectors - from fashion and consumer electronics to DIY stores, garden centers, toy stores, and many more. All are convinced of the quality and relevance of the premium content that reaches customers via loadbee.

Are you also looking for high-quality content that will delight your customers and increase the success of your retail business? Then join the more than 4,000 stores that trust us. With loadbee and premium content from brand manufacturers, you can increase your sales and realize the full potential of your online store!

Increase sales

Get the best product content automatically and with little effort. Get the complete premium content directly from the brand manufacturers with just one click. In this way, you can inspire your customers at the moment of decision and increase your sales by up to 25%.

Reduce bounce rate

With loadbee integration, you reduce the number of bounces and drop-offs in your online store. Our injected content keeps visitors on your website and guides them through a user-friendly and compelling customer journey so that visitors become long-term and happy customers.

Reduce returns rate

Premium content that promotes sales helps reduce return rates. Your customers can get an accurate picture of the products by delivering a comprehensive range of detailed product descriptions, application notes, and high-quality product images. The result? Happier customers and, as a result, a significant reduction in returns.

Increase gross profit

How? Providing great content to customers improves their chances of making repeat purchases. By prioritizing the needs and interests of customers, businesses can foster loyalty, resulting in increased sales and a better return on investment.

Always one step ahead

Analog content sourcing ties up resources such as staff and time. The opposite is true when they rely on simple, digital solutions that speed up the process and make it more efficient. We understand how crucial it is to connect your target audience with the latest premium content from brands to stay ahead of the competition. That's why we recommend using loadbee for efficient delivery and guaranteed success.

The full story: How premium content makes online stores successful!

The key to closing the sale - tell the whole story!

  • Take advantage of the last step in the customer journey!
  • Provide all sales-driving information about the product
  • Repeat all the information that led your customers to the product detail page of your store
  • Convince with the original premium content from the brand manufacturer
How are purchase deals guaranteed?
Convince with the premium content of their brand manufacturers!

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More answers to your questions about loadbee?


  • What is loadbee?
    As a leading Saas company in premium content syndication, we have been successful in the market for over ten years. Our solution distributes the complete premium content of products and services to the end customer and increases the sales of shops and brands. With our software, we focus on maximum benefit with minimum effort. Through a small code on the product detail pages of online stores and a platform for the brand manufacturer, the distribution of premium content becomes digital and automated. loadbee gives you fast and easy access to high-quality original content from brand manufacturers. With the extended product detail depth, we keep your customers on your store page and thus increase the conversion rate while bounces are reduced.
  • What is loadbee used for?
    loadbee makes it possible to automatically present sales-driving premium content from brand manufacturers in your online store. This feature will convince your end customers of your assortment faster and more comprehensively, thus increasing sales. Use the free option for your store and enjoy all the benefits.
  • What are the benefits of loadbee?
    Increase your sales and reduce bounce rates at the same time. With the original content of the brands, you offer your end customers the desired information that motivates them to purchase. You’ll also reduce the rate of returns, as your customers will be more aware and convinced to make a purchase. You retain full control and can determine where and how the information should look. In addition, you can obtain premium content from selected brands. Using loadbee means a lower cost-benefit ratio, as pages are automatically filled, and copy errors are avoided. With better customer satisfaction and an assured expectation, you will get better reviews and be more successful in the long run.
  • What are the costs for loadbee?
    For you as a retailer or store, using loadbee is free. In addition, with a retail media budget, there is the possibility of monetary participation for the value of the premium content played out to the customers.
  • How does the integration and playout of premium content work?
    Using our application is simple. It does not require any technical knowledge. In addition, the functionality of all standard store systems remains unchanged, and the speed and entry points are also unaffected.
  • How much space does the premium content window occupy on my product detail pages?
    Adjust the size of the content window in pixel intervals individually to the requirements of your online store. The window length varies depending on the content the brand manufacturers provide. If you want to show your users only a certain amount of information at once, you can use the “Show More” button to embed content and save valuable page space.
  • Does loadbee have an impact on my search engine ranking?
    With the use of loadbee, there are no duplicates of the content on your pages because the data is not physically integrated. There is a neutral integration that does not affect your paid search engine strategy and does not affect your position, e.g., in Google ranking.
  • What happens to my e-shop if I want to stop using loadbee in the future?
    Deactivating loadbee is as effortless as implementing it. You must only eliminate the embed code and your store returns to its original state.
  • Is loadbee GDPR compliant?
    For loadbee, strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is paramount. We are committed to ensuring the highest standard of data protection, which extends equally to our customers and employees. Detailed information on this can be found in our current Data Protection Regulation. Our priority is security, transparency, and confidentiality.
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