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Automatically deploy product content in online shops

Reduce your effort and boost your conversions with custom premium content.

Create impressive buying experiences and transform shop visitors into satisfied buyers with your own content. Upload your product content once to the loadbee platform and display it automatically in shops. Play your brand message and decide how your products are presented online. Easy as pie – with loadbee.

Strengthen the trust in your brand.

Provide a consistent brand experience – not only offline but also across all online stores of your trading partners. Showcase your brand and products in your own corporate design.

Convince at the moment of purchase decision

The selection of shops and products is enormous. Make it easier for your customers to decide on your brand. Present your products convincingly with 3D, AR, video, sound, and much more.

Keep your online content automatically up to date.

Want to update your product content? Simply make changes on the loadbee platform, and within minutes, your new content will be displayed in the shops.

Keep full control

Decide for yourself who plays out your content and which images, videos, texts, and more are displayed in online shops. Always in the look & feel of your brand, of course.

Benefit from valuable insights

With our detailed reports, you will discover what content your end customers appreciate and what converts best. This allows you to make informed optimizations and strategic decisions.

Getting your premium content across

Upload once – display a thousand times

With the cloud-based loadbee platform, you automatically share your entire product content with all connected shops. You upload your product catalog once to our loadbee platform in your own CD – and instantly share the content with all retailers. By the way, the use of loadbee is free for shops.

Show what makes your brand and product special.

Premium content with loadbee is so diverse.





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How can I use loadbee for my brand?

6 steps to get started

Get access Import product data Create layout Manage catalog Share content Benefit from reports
  • Get access

    Together, we select the fitting loadbee package. After contract conclusion, you will gain access to the loadbee platform.

  • Import product data

    Upload your product content quickly and easily.

  • Create layout

    Design your product profiles according to your corporate design.

  • Manage catalog

    Update your product data at any time. Or connect your PIM system for automated processes.

  • Share content

    Specify in the release center which shops should receive your premium content.

  • Benefit from reports

    Gain insights into the performance of your products and content in various shops, countries, and more.

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What many want to know about loadbee

Your questions, our answers

  • What is loadbee?
    loadbee is a renowned SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider for content syndication in e-commerce. Our platform automatically distributes high-quality brand and product content to the product detail pages of online shops. loadbee is a pioneer in this field and has been successfully operating in the market for more than ten years. Hundreds of large and small brands are among loadbee’s clients.
  • What is loadbee used for?
    As a manufacturer, you upload all the content for your products in a structured manner to the loadbee platform once and can repeatedly display it in thousands of stores worldwide. loadbee offers diverse opportunities for brand communication directly within the shops, thereby enabling shops and brands to achieve higher conversion rates.
  • What are the benefits of loadbee?
    With loadbee, you can achieve higher conversion rates and a consistent, unified brand representation across the entire participating retail network – in multiple languages and on all devices. You have full control over the look and storytelling of product detail pages and can determine which shops receive your premium content. The automatic distribution of content to the product detail pages of the shops saves time and avoids copy errors. Additionally, you have an advantage over brands whose product detail pages are still traditionally filled. Moreover, through our platform, we provide valuable insights with reports on the performance of your products and premium content.
  • What are the costs for loadbee?
    Through a fair three-tiered pricing model, we can meet the needs of businesses of various sizes, including multinational corporations. Depending on the number of countries, you can choose the package that suits you from various options. Our customers include both software companies with only one product and industrial enterprises with over 100,000 items.
  • How does the distribution of premium content work?
    In the first step, you upload the product catalog, including complete product data, to the loadbee platform. There, you can manage individual product profiles and customize them according to your corporate design. Subsequently, you determine which retailers should receive your premium content. When a visitor accesses the product detail page of a store, the respective product profile is instantly delivered in milliseconds. The basis for matching in our database is your product number (EAN, GTIN, UPC).
  • What happens if a product inquiry on the product detail page is not answered (404)?
    If the corresponding product profile of your brand is not present on the shop’s detail page, the end customer is unaware of this – the content window will not be displayed. The inquiry will not be counted against your syndication account as it remains unanswered.
  • What integration options are available?
    In most cases, loadbee is inserted through a pull integration. In this process, the store integrates a small script and an HTML tag directly into its product detail pages. Once a visitor is on the store’s product detail page, the data is pulled from the database, and a fully rendered HTML product profile is provided. Alternatively, loadbee can be embedded via a push service. We recommend this when premium content is intended to be pushed into another system (e.g., a marketplace) via an import interface.
  • Are the updates free?
    Maintenance updates that concern the functionality of the platform are free of charge for you. Additional features that expand the use of the platform may involve costs depending on the chosen plan. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information.
  • Is loadbee GDPR-compliant?
    For loadbee, strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is of the utmost importance. We are committed to ensuring the highest standard of data protection, applying equally to our customers and our employees. Detailed information can be found in our current privacy policy. Our priority lies in security, transparency, and confidentiality.
How do I find the package that suits me?
Our specialists provide individual advice.

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