Simply, directly and quickly

Brands and retailers have measured their conversion rate uplifts of up to 25 percent with loadbee.

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Simply, directly and quickly

Brands and retailers have measured their conversion rate uplifts of up to 25 percent with loadbee.

loadbee for BRANDS     for ONLINESHOPS

loadbee enjoys the trust of leading companies.

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The loadbee-Pixel. Small Add-On. Big Impact.

Generate more sales today using the loadbee platform.

loadbee for manufacturers

Your window to the end customer in the golden moment of the purchase decision.

loadbee for retailers

Shop visitors add products to the shopping cart up to 25% more often and thus become buyers.

loadbee for partners

With our valued partners we create synergy effects in the areas of affiliate sales, service and strategy.

You’ll have a uniform presence across all end devices, increasing your brand image and the level of confidence your end customers have in you. The great thing about loadbee: You only need to update your information once and all retailers will immediately have your new videos, images, logos and much more. Why wait? Help your retailers generate more revenue for you.

Product information promotes sales

Convince customers with good product content

Good and complete product information is existential, because 58 percent of customers leave online shops due to missing product information (Study: iAdvize 2019). With loadbee, brands and online retailers make the most of the potential of product information!

With loadbee, brands, online shops and end customers benefit from a global, rapidly growing product information network.

For brands, loadbee offers a window to the end customer. loadbee supplements its sales-promoting product information on the product detail pages of its retail partners’ online shops and supports the digital branding of your brand.

With loadbee onlineshops get complete and sales-promoting product information directly from the brands – in addition to their own product detail page. Branded product content from their suppliers provides end customers with optimal information and prevents them from leaving the online shop.

End customers are optimally supplied with complete and brand-related product information on the online shop’s product detail page thanks to loadbee. Optimally informed end customers increase the probability of a positive purchase decision.

»loadbee is an indispensable Add-On for all online shops and a sales-promoting communication window directly to the customer for all brand manufacturers.«

Christian Junker

Managing Director | CEO

loadbee GmbH

loadbee Content Syndication Platform.
One platform for all.

loadbee spares brands and retailers tedious transfers of product content.

loadbee is the leading content syndication platform for brands and online shops. Brand manufacturers have the opportunity to provide all their product and brand information such as texts, images, videos, 360-degree views, downloads and much more in your corporate design. This information is displayed directly on the product detail pages of the linked onlineshops. Fully automatic and in real time.

Customer Experience convenience shopping online

Reach customers at the moment of the purchase decision

Shop visitors see valuable content directly from the brands and are fully informed

Increase conversion rate

Shop visitors add products to the shopping cart up to 25% more often and thus become buyers

Reduce bounce rate

Potential buyers leave the online shop less often

return rate decreases

Informed customers make well-founded purchasing decisions

This prevents returns and saves resources in personnel

Our customers appreciate us for this.

There are many good reasons why we at Remington and Russel Hobbs like sharing our product information using the loadbee platform: 1) Our content went live on retail sites like www.saturn.de or www.mediamarkt.de within a very short time. 2) Contact with loadbee customer management is always problem-free. 3) The loadbee platform itself stands out because it's easy to operate. Therefore, we are looking forward to further collaboration and the possibilities that loadbee offers us.

Jochen Reining - Head of Trade Marketing Remington & Russell Hobbs DACH

The widely differing quality and currentness of production information in the online stores of our retailers was an issue we grappled with for a long time. We sought out a solution that would allow us to offer quality content to small and large retailers that could easily be integrated into their websites. loadbee is a partner that provides us with an ideal solution that allows us to provide the best possible information and ensure our commercial success. Our partnership with the loadbee team is extremely professional. loadbee quickly addresses our specific needs and they always stay focused on the success of the project as a whole.

Felix Hegar - Head of Brand Management DACH Garmin

loadbee is an important partner for complementary product information, which allows us to reach our end customers adequately on all end devices. Explicitly providing high quality and detailed information on mobile devices is an important competitive advantage for us. The higher the number of participating suppliers, the more effective the described effect. The uncomplicated and efficient integration in our shop system enabled a timely and sustainable improvement of our product and brand communication.

Jordan Bellazzini - Head of Media Markt E-Commerce AG

loadbee is an important partner for us in the area of content syndication for processing manufacturer data content for our website. loadbee implements our requests in a timely and professional manner. The platform enables our suppliers to provide premium data on their products. That way, we can promote sales together in our online shop, achieving a higher conversion rate and reducing the return rate thanks to the comprehensive product information.

Markus Heuser - Managing Director of Saturn Online

We at Sport2000 are noticing that online media is constantly becoming more popular among our customers across all age groups. We are connected to the loadbee platform because it is the best possible way to ensure that our customers also receive product information through digital channels. This allows us to utilize the full graphical depiction of manufacturer information and product selling points in a way that is profitable.

Hans Allmendinger - Department Head of Marketing at Sport2000

Miele already uses the loadbee platform internationally, for online retail and at trade fairs. By incorporating QR codes, with loadbee we’re bridging the gap between product information at the trade fair booth and visitors’ smartphones. This way, Miele reaches its customer with a caliber of product and brand communication that’s entirely new to what the trade fair environment would otherwise allow: Videos and detailed information on the product can easily be taken home on the smartphone. We also see other interesting operational scenarios for the loadbee product profile in stationary retails and the after-sales sector.

Simone Jürgens - Marketing Communication International Miele

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