Matthias Krebs, managing director of KREBS Consulting, recommends the loadbee platform for brand product content to his clients for optimal sales promotion in online retail. The reason: loadbee brings the product content of the brands directly to the sales pages in the retailers´ online shops and the additional product content prevents online customers from leaving the web shop due to lacking product information. Now loadbee and the management consultancy KREBS Consulting are cooperating.

 “Manufacturers and online retailers have to provide advice online just as well as in stationary retail. Otherwise, online customers will abandon the purchase due to missing information”, explains Matthias Krebs, expert for the tools & equipment, construction, automotive and general industrial sectors. “Those who offer their customers complete product information on the sales pages improve the customers´ shopping experience and sell better. Brand manufacturers and online retailers must unleash this potential – especially when it comes to selling complex products. Customers expect comprehensive information on product specifications, installation, functionality and benefits. Last but not least, sales are also about emotions about the product and the brand – the days of conventional selling are over. In the future, successful brands will become one with their community and thus, ideally, customers will become fans,” explains Krebs.

 Branded product content automatically and directly reaches the online sales pages

Brand manufacturers can inject their product content in their own layout and design via the loadbee platform directly into the sales pages of their retailers´ web shops. “Product Content Injection” is what loadbee calls it. This enables brands to provide comprehensive information about their products in online retail and to present them attractively. The additional brand product content in the layout and design of the brands on the sales page creates advantages for both retailers and brands.

loadbee enables the brands to centrally control their product content, because it appears at all retailers in exactly the layout and design that the brand has defined. In addition, the brand owners receive insights into the market in the evaluation area on the platform. The dealers benefit from additional sales-promoting product content, because the customers are better advised. In addition, loadbee is free of charge for retailers.

Selling better worldwide with brand product content

loadbee also has a sales-promoting effect in international business, because the brand manufacturers can provide their branded and layouted product content in several languages via the loadbee platform. If a brand uploads its product content in several languages, customers can select the manufacturer’s product description in the online shops in the language they understand best – even if the online shop does not offer this language. “The language selection function is important because e-commerce is growing worldwide and even within national borders, customers speak different languages. With loadbee, brands and retailers can react to the demands of international markets and position themselves as customer-oriented and international companies”, says Krebs.

KREBS Consulting and loadbee become partners

Companies and retailers have achieved up to 25 percent more turnover with loadbee. The success of the product content platform loadbee has convinced Matthias Krebs. Therefore, the consultants at KREBS Consulting recommend their customers to boost sales with loadbee.

Klaus Wartlik, managing director of loadbee, is pleased about the partnership with industry expert Matthias Krebs: “KREBS Consulting has been consulting the industries for more than 3 years with great success and is active in three business areas in Central Europe. We are pleased that we were able to win such a well-connected company for a partnership. After all, we are also happy to recommend KREBS Consulting when our partners need consulting services”.

About KREBS Consulting

The company KREBS Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, known from well-known retail and business magazines, stands for decades of experience in the industry and outstanding consulting services with a unique selling point. Krebs Consulting means consulting from the industry for the industry.

As a highly specialized company, which in 2019 was awarded by Top Consultant as one of the best management consultancies in Germany, KREBS Consulting has oriented itself in the variety of services to the needs and problems of the markets: Tools & Equipment, Construction, Automotive and General Industrial in the focus on digitalization, strategy, human resources, sales, marketing and finance. Thus, KREBS Consulting can now meet the current challenges of its clients and clients in three business areas.

As an industry insider, the management consultancy offers its clients and clients with unique expertise individual solutions – tailored to their needs – to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

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